Feel Good Stories that Make Me Cry

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Over the last two years or so, there have been three “feel good” stories on youtube that have brought tears to my eyes, no matter how many times I watch them.


1. Christian the Lion

Christian, the Lion.

Christian, the Lion.


Two guys in London buy a lion cub and raise him at home. They call the little darling Christian. He’s adorable and loving, just like a dog. He grows like a weed. Soon, he’s too big to keep anymore. The only solution is to bring him to a wildlife reserve park in Africa. Which they do, with broken hearts. They LOVED this guy, and he loved them.

A few years later, they can’t stand it any longer. What happened to Christian? Is he okay? Did he survive? They go back to Africa. Go to the reserve park. And find that Christian now has a mate that he has battled another lion for. He’s lean and mean and completely wild. There’s in no way in hell he’s doing to remember these guys. Right?

Wrong. In the youtube video I like best (there are quite a few versions), we see Christian come bounding down the hill towards them. He jumps. He licks. He nuzzles. He frolics. He still remembers them and still loves them. A lot. All of this to Whitney Huston belting out “I Will Always Love You” in the background. And  the floodgates open each and every time.


2. Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin

What can I say? I’m a sucker for underdog stories that bring a smile to the lip and a pounding to the heart. This one fits the bill. Jeremy Lin, out of nowhere, makes the nation stand up and cheer. Will there ever be another sports story that so delightfully has us feeling like kids again and so happy to be alive? No, I don’t think so. So, anytime you’re feeling down and need you a little pick-me-up, just go to youtube and watch the magic. Happy tears each and every time.


3. Jason McElwain

Jason McElain

Jason McElwain

Well, this last one—what can I say? It’s another basketball story, this one out of a high school in Rochester, NY.

Jason McElwain (J-Mac to his friends and classmates) has autism. He loves basketball and works out with the team each day in practice. He’s also the team manager, so he happily gives team members water, keeps the gym floor clean, and has a great time hanging out with the guys, who treat him just fine. But still, he’s just the manager. Then, the final game of the year, with four minutes remaining, the coach puts him in. The crowd goes wild. Jason gets the ball, takes a shot and misses. He misses again. And then nails a sucker from downtown. Bedlam. Three minutes later he has twenty points and has become a hero in a way that anyone who was lucky enough to be there that day, (or who sees the video on youtube) will remember forever. Chaos and love and every emotion you can think of. Whew.

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