Kevin James, Where Art Thou?

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Kevin James

Kevin James

Where is Kevin James when you need him? Seriously.

Kevin’s grandfather and my grandfather were brothers. Kevin and I are both Knipfings. My short story The Jan-Ken Junkie, and my short story Koshien Heroes would be perfect vehicles for Kev to strut his stuff with and to showcase his acting talents. In fact, they have Academy Award written all over them. (Well, maybe.)

But I have not seen hide or hair of Kevin since we were kids growing up on Long Island, NY. Imagine that.

Well, I’m still here in Yokohama, and Kevin has an open invitation to contact me next time he’s in Japan to promote his next movie. We’ll have some yakitori and beer together, shoot the shit, and between dozens of cups of sake, talk about him producing and acting in my short stories, which are—like I said—perfect vehicles for his own quirky brand of humor.

Can’t wait, Kev. Can’t wait.



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