Photographing Japan: Felice Beato and Larry Knipfing

General, Japan, People, Photography | 8 May 2012

Lotus, by Larry Knipfing

Felice Beato

Beato's Tattooed Japanese Men

Beato’s Tattooed Japanese Men

Felice Beato was the first foreign visitor to Japan to capture her images on film. He lived here from 1863 to 1884. A recent exhibition of his works at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Ebisu featured his Japan work as well as pieces from China, India, and Burma.

You have probably seen examples of his work, especially the colorized posed studio shots of Japanese people. These are fun, not totally realistic, but interesting nonetheless. But he also traveled quite a bit and took pictures of the places he visited.


Larry Knipfing

I have had the pleasure and privilege of living in Japan since 1980. That’s 32 years! There’s a lot to love here, especially photography.

I started taking photos about 10 years ago, and have built up a pretty nice portfolio of the best that Japan has to offer. Unlike Beato, who was more interested in documenting Japan for the outside world, I have a very different target: Beauty. I think I have found it here in a variety of forms, colors and magic.

Mt. Fuji from Zaimoku Beach, Kamakura

Mt. Fuji from Zaimoku Beach, Kamakura

JAPANESQUE is my online gallery where I share my photos in public. I am particularly interested in shooting Lotus, Mt. Fuji, Temples & Shrines, and the Great Buddha of Kamakura (Daibutsu). Please drop in and tell me what you think!



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