Crow, the King of Sumo: Fun and Fantasy and Friendship and Sumo in Edo

Fun &..., Japan, Writing | 10 Oct 2012
Fun and Fantasy and Friendship and Sumo in Edo

Crow, the King of Sumo


Crow, the King of Sumo

My idea for this story happened in much the same way that little Koji-kun first realized who Crow was at the beginning of this tale: I was paging through a book of sumo ukiyo-e when I can upon one painting that stunned me: one of the wrestlers looked like he was black. Definitely NOT Japanese. His skin was dark, and his eyes and face were not Asian in the least. He was lean, mean and incredibly handsome. WHO WAS THIS GUY? From there, it all just clicked. My imagination went wild and invented this story of a black American cook on one of Perry’s ships who becomes the hero of the day by wrestling (and holding his own against) the Japanese champion, Tanikaze.

What fun!

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