Horace – Exploring the theme of courage in my latest novella, ‘Horace’

Japan, People, Writing | 9 Oct 2012

Horace: An exploration of courage


I admire courageous people. Horace is one of them. Starting at an early age (Horace and the Bird and Horace in New York) he displays the instinctual ability to do what is right in the toughest of situations. He doesn’t think, he just does.

Later, as a teenager, Horace finds himself living in Japan when the big earthquake and tsunami of  March 11, 2011 hit Tohoku. In its aftermath, the region of Fukushima experiences an even greater tragedy—nuclear.

Horace cannot believe that the leaders and elders there do nothing for the children, to protect them from the dangerous of radiation. So, Horace decides to do something. Something big. He hatches a plan that is bound to become controversial—he helps them escape.

In a series of journal entries and interviews (with Haruki Murakami) Horace recounts for us the gut wrenching decisions that he, the children, and the children’s mothers and grandmothers must make in order for them to have a future. Horace’s plan is a bold one and is based on the concepts of the Underground Railroad, the system used to help slaves escape the American south more than 150 years before.

His strategy works, and soon Horace has become the most famous—or infamous—person in the world. He is both admired and despised for his courage, and wanted by governments across the globe for his anti-nuclear call to arms. He is later awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his selfless actions.

Horace is my hero, and I wish I could be like him.

Horace, Horace and the Bird, and Horace in New York are sold together at Amazon.com.

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