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Fun &..., General | 18 Jun 2016

I don’t know why, but my image of YouTube was that it was super conservative: a family friendly site with fun, strictly controlled content. Ha! Recently I have discovered a whole other STEAMY world over there at YouTube. There are videos there that are totally crazy – full of sex talk, nudity, and actual sex. Got your attention? Let’s take a look!

hands-1167626_6401. Orgasm Contests & Masturbation Techniques

Two girls diddle themselves in front of the camera to see who can reach orgasm fastest and deepest. Really.

nude-1369745_640CLICK HERE Orgasm World Championship


2. Look at my vagina – Pubic hair removal

Nothing hidden here.

CLICK HERE Pussy hair removal


3. Explicit Porn Star Interviews

Porn stars get explicit about…well…sex.

woman-499756_640CLICK HERE Do you ever really orgasm in a porn scene?


4. Breast Feeding

I know, you think I’m a perv for including this one, but come on…the intent of this one is obviously purely titillation. And it’s got 15 million views!

act-841500_640CLICK HERE Breastfeeding outside on a windy day

So…this is just the tip of the iceberg. I will be following up on this one with a series that includes ALL the crazy things that you can find at good ‘ole YouTube!




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