—The place to go for film lovers—The place to go for film lovers

By Larry Knipfing | Education, Fun &..., General, Japan

JAPAN & FILM Living in Japan, I don’t always have access to the movies I want to see: Most new releases are no longer new by the time they reach Japan Many movies never make it here at all. My local DVD shop is fairly limited in what they offer. Netflix doesn’t exist. Foreign films

Japan and the Earthquake: 3/11/2011...and beyond...

Japan and the Earthquake: 3/11/2011…and beyond…

By Larry Knipfing | Japan, Photography

After visiting some of the areas in Tohoku hit by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami and seeing what kind of damage took place, it’s no wonder that debris is starting to show up on shores all over the USA. This place was completely devastated, and along the hundreds of miles of shoreline, nothing much is

Sadaharu Oh—Shame on you!

Sadaharu Oh—Shame on you!

By Larry Knipfing | Education, Fun &..., Japan, People

This little story is about two people mainly—Japanese baseball legend Sadaharu Oh, and American baseball legend Ted Williams. It is a story I often tell to my Japanese friends when they ask me if I like Japanese baseball. My answer is always: “Not anymore,” My story… and Oh When I first came to Japan in

Helen Keller’s Secret Life

Helen Keller’s Secret Life

By Larry Knipfing | Education, General, Japan, People

  Helen Keller interests me. She really does.   Helen died in 1968, and forty years later, she is still almost as famous and admired now as she was then. There is no doubting that Helen was truly great. And thinking about the handicaps she had to overcome, and what she was able to accomplish,

Photographing Japan: Felice Beato and Larry Knipfing

Photographing Japan: Felice Beato and Larry Knipfing

By Larry Knipfing | General, Japan, People, Photography

Felice Beato Felice Beato was the first foreign visitor to Japan to capture her images on film. He lived here from 1863 to 1884. A recent exhibition of his works at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Ebisu featured his Japan work as well as pieces from China, India, and Burma. You have probably

Kevin James, Where Art Thou?

Kevin James, Where Art Thou?

By Larry Knipfing | Fun &..., Japan, People, Writing

Where is Kevin James when you need him? Seriously. Kevin’s grandfather and my grandfather were brothers. Kevin and I are both Knipfings. My short story The Jan-Ken Junkie, and my short story Koshien Heroes would be perfect vehicles for Kev to strut his stuff with and to showcase his acting talents. In fact, they have

Feel Good Stories that Make Me Cry

Feel Good Stories that Make Me Cry

By Larry Knipfing | Education, Fun &..., General, People

Over the last two years or so, there have been three “feel good” stories on youtube that have brought tears to my eyes, no matter how many times I watch them.   1. Christian the Lion   Two guys in London buy a lion cub and raise him at home. They call the little darling

The Poetry of <i>A Clockwork Orange</i>

The Poetry of A Clockwork Orange

By Larry Knipfing | Fun &..., People, Writing

Audiobooks always have the potential to be better or worse than the original book, depending of course on how well the narrator does with the material. A Clockwork Orange, the classic Anthony Burgess novel from 1962, has recently been re-recorded for Caedmon. The reading, performed by Tom Hollander, is a revelation, and one that Burgess would

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